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Hear What Critics and Enthusiasts Are Saying

Our friends at GIANTS Software have just released Farming 星河国际app 2015 Gold Edition and we’re thrilled to have created the perfect complement for it. Saitek has always been a leader in giving the players the most accurate way to play their favorite 星河国际app 星河国际apps. Now, we bring our passion for 星河国际app sims over to farm […]

Could Be The Best New HOTAS Concept In A Decade – Polygon

At last week’s CitizenCon – the team from Cloud Imperium Games surprised attendees with a sneak-peek of Saitek’s amazingly cool new prototypes for Star Citizen in 2015 and beyond. Leader of the Star Citizen universe Chris Roberts was on hand during the show, meeting and greeting fans and unveiling new insights into one of the […]

Star Citizen Hardware Announced At Gamescom 2015!

Star Citizen and Saitek go way back. The X52 was used in their early crowdfunding videos and as concept art source material for the Anvil Hornet’s cockpit. And readers of this 星河国际app下载 have seen us visit the RSI studios up in Santa Monica and partner up with RSI for huge contests before. Finally, after over […]

FARM SIM: Hands-on Demo at Gamescom 2015!

    After a showing behind glass at E3 and a brief run out at the Oshkosh air show, the Saitek Farming 星河国际app Hardware will finally be available for demo in Europe at gamescom 2015 in the Astragon booth in Hall 8.1! For those attending you will be able to try out the tractor wheel, […]

Infinite 星河国际app – Mobile 星河国际app Sim With The X52 Pro

  The ever increasingly popular mobile 星河国际app sim Infinite 星河国际app sent us a preview build today. Now that the developers have added live ATC into their sim, one of their next tasks is to add controller support. They’ve already had some success with the NVIDIA SHIELD so now it was our turn. We tested the build […]



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